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Wasabi images


Have you tried fresh wasabi? To me, wasabi is a type of art, defines and type of essence of Japan. I am not talking about the green paste or stuff that comes in a tube or packet with your obento, or at the kaiten sushi. If you can, please try to experience real, freshly grated wasabi. This is a…(137 words)

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Party because of marketing efforts images

Party because of marketing efforts

High ball is a drink mainly consisting of whisky and soda mostly served in rather tall and big glass. In Japanese market, consumption of hard liquor, like whisky have been on the constant decline over the last couple of decades while beer and Chu-hi have been continuously gaining popularity. In ord…(136 words)

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Can Coffee images

Can Coffee

Coffee, anywhere and everywhere, to get you through another day in Tokyo. It's very rare however to see someone walking around with a coffee cup with a lid, such as one you may get at a coffee shop. There is no shortage however of coffee in small aluminum cans that can be bought at basically an…(132 words)

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Quick, filling meals in Tokyo images

Quick, filling meals in Tokyo

Onigiri from department stores, Soba/Udon from stand-up mini-restaurants, Curry (japanese style) shops are some of best alternatives for quick meal. For those looking for a quick meal while working simultaneously, coffee shops (Doutors, Starbucks, Excelsior, Tully) offer sandwiches and wraps.(41 words)

Samir Bodhe image

Samir Bodhe

Green tea mixed with incense images

Green tea mixed with incense

This is a smell that I will always associate with Kyoto, in particular the little alleyways around Kiyomizu-dera and Kodai-ji, where there are dozens of tiny shops selling trinkets and snacks. The slightly bitter smell of the steaming tea mixes perfectly with incense. It's a smell you can also find…(63 words)

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Current Price or Flat/Explicit pricing depending on Sushi place images

Current Price or Flat/Explicit pricing depending on Sushi place

If you go to high-end sushi bars, do not expect any kind of price list or menu. You are supposed to know what fish is in season and roughly how much they go at the market price. It is one of the most thrilling moment in life to say "Check please!" in those high-end sushi bars. Of course you can ask…(137 words)

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Nishiazabu Roppngi Area images

Nishiazabu Roppngi Area

My favorite bar in Tokyo is Ohana in Nishiazabu. words)

Lui Nishiazabu image

Lui Nishiazabu

Tempura images


My favourite Japanese fried food is called "Tempura" and it is a dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried in around 180 degrees (Celsius) oil. When you see the chef preparing the meal, it looks very easy but it is an art and to make this meal is not so simple. When it co…(172 words)

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Ascidiacea (Hoya) images

Ascidiacea (Hoya)

Hoya is a one of popular nibbles for drinks. Looks disgusting, however it is good for sake drinking.(18 words)

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"Uni" Sea urchin & "Horumon" guts images

"Uni" Sea urchin & "Horumon" guts

Considered delicacies (urchin) & eco-soul food (guts) these two get extreme reactions from dai-fans (big fans) who cant believe you wont try it, to those who can't stand sitting next to someone eating it! I've tried both & fall into the latter group of avoiders - uni tastes like dirty socks & the…(77 words)

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La Boheme Italian restaurant images

La Boheme Italian restaurant

When people think of Japan, they usually don't think of Japan for Italian food. However, I have found that Tokyo has excellent Italian food at reasonable prices. La Boheme is one Italian restaurant chain that you can always count on for great food and excellent service. From pizza to pasta and b…(63 words)

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MIKAN and wine is a good match images

MIKAN and wine is a good match

The traditional image of a Japanese home during the winter.People all over Japan have a stack of Mikan on the table during the winter.Have you heard of a Kotatu?There is a small heater under the table and a large blanket that covers the corners of the table to keep the heat inside.Since…(114 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

mosquito repellent incense images

mosquito repellent incense

The Japanese name is KATORI-SENKOI am living on the 39th floor of a building and there is not much mosquito there up my place. I think it is because there is no tree so high. The only one we found climbed up with the elevators.But the smell of katori senko is so nice and so reminiscent …(115 words)

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S'ki - of the yaki variety images

S'ki - of the yaki variety

Many people overseas have heard the "Sukiyaki Song" which of course, had a very different title in Japanese. But the real sukiyaki is a tasty dish.Many have heard of, or may have tried some version of, sukiyaki. It's a popular and well known dish consisting of beef (usually), mushrooms, other v…(297 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Sushi Jiro.... images

Sushi Jiro....

I have eaten there once. It was very hard to make reservation I heard from the friend who did for us.Inside is not as lively as you would expect from the most of Sushi place. There is not much to choose from menu - just "Omakase" meaning you don't have a choice. I always ask for "Omakase" be…(312 words)

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For a fancy and healthy teishoku images

For a fancy and healthy teishoku

Recently, I ate at a cute, fancy restaurant near Shibuya and Omotesando station and the UN University, called PARIYA. As this is catered towards women as well as business-people, they offer take-out as well as a sitting-area with a fancy, relaxing atmosphere. When you go in, you can choose amon…(156 words)

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An easy-to-understand video on how to use chopsticks images

An easy-to-understand video on how to use chopsticks

I came across this video on YouTube while I was trying to explain a friend of mine how to use chopsticks.'s easy-to-follow and also tells you what you're not allowed to do when you're eating with chopsticks, like stabbing your food.I recommend …(82 words)

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Nomihoudai are economical and great if you are in groups.. images

Nomihoudai are economical and great if you are in groups..

Normally Nomihodai are timebound. It is for 60 min or 90 min or 120 min etc and this is told /decided initially when you enter the shop. There are set of drinks which you can have as much as you like in these 60 or 120 min. Drinks not included in this list have to be purchased separately at norma…(192 words)

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