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The History of Aster Ginza images

The History of Aster Ginza

The story of the history of the Ginza Aster brand is a very interesting one. Established in 1926, its first product was an American style of Chinese food – Chop Suey, and It’s initial store in Ginza proved very popular soon after opening. Although interrupted by the War and the recovery of Japan …(272 words)

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Feasting in Kusatsu images

Feasting in Kusatsu

Typical Kusatsu food fare includes onsen manju and onsen tamago ( eggs boiled in the onsens). But it is at the resort hotels and ryokan, that visitors can really be delighted with what Kusatsu has to offer.Hotel Sakurai offers a delicious 9 course kaiseki traditional dinner. A wonderful ma…(290 words)

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Akihabara & Ueno Restaurants: Themed images

Akihabara & Ueno Restaurants: Themed

Many of the restaurants and cafés in the well-known district of Akihabara are just as cute, quirky and exciting as the anime and manga-related shopping. Though the district of Ueno is less anime-centric, there are still some culinary surprises to be found. The following list shows off a mere handfu…(339 words)

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Vegetarian Food and Local Beer at Beach Muffin in Zushi images

Vegetarian Food and Local Beer at Beach Muffin in Zushi

Zushi, along the Shonan coast, is well known for its relaxed, laid back, slow-paced beach lifestyle. And there's no better to place to experience it then at Beach Muffin, a small bakery/cafe and local beer tap room located minutes from Shin-Zushi Station.It's small to be sure, reminding most wh…(246 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Wagyu at Ginza Aster images

Wagyu at Ginza Aster

I had the pleasure of having a great meal at Aster Ginza recently. When speaking with the very friendly and helpful staff, the topic of where and how they source their products came up. The staff member explained that typically they go out of their way to use locally sourced products as much as pos…(254 words)

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Fried Rice at Aster Ginza images

Fried Rice at Aster Ginza

In my opinion the fried rice is one of the best dishes at Aster Ginza. Fried rice is usually pretty straight forward, run of the mill dish but as usual, Aster Ginza takes the standard version, and makes it into something quite special. They offer two different types of fried rice - the standard typ…(201 words)

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Nikujaga with Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot images

Nikujaga with Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot

This maybe a simple pairing but the results were very solid. Many would say Sake tends to go well with typical Japanese dishes such as the Nikujaga, however of coarse if you get some red wine in the mix with the beef stew like characteristics of Nikujaga, you cannot go wrong. Have a sip of …(105 words)

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Chris Ingram

Rei-men cold noodles at Ginza Aster images

Rei-men cold noodles at Ginza Aster

Now we are heading into the warmer months it’s always a time to enjoy the popular rei-men or Cold noodle dish. This dish was introduced to Japan in the 1950s and quickly became popular throughout the country ,especially in summer. Ginza Aster has revised their limited summer special menu to fea…(246 words)

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Ginza Aster O-Sechi images

Ginza Aster O-Sechi

I know its probably kind of a bit too soon in the year to be thinking about this but the other day, when I went to Ginza Aster for lunch, I got talking to the staff and the subject of Sechi (new year’s food) came up. It turns out that Ginza Aster produce really great (I mean awesome!) sechi every y…(269 words)

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Perfect Homemade Ramen at Kita Kamakura images

Perfect Homemade Ramen at Kita Kamakura

I am actually trying to avoid meat, but I just cant avoid this Ramen.When you step outside the Kita Kamakura station (Yokosuka Line one stop before Kamakura Station) you will see the Red Awning just down the road to your right. If you had your back to Yokohama with Kamakura ahead, you would exi…(150 words)


More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern images

More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern

If you come to Tokyo, do you want to enter the tavern, “I-ZAKA-YA”?Only beer and sake.Table is also small.There is what you need to go to the I-ZAKA-YA of Japan.It is the word "TORI-AEZU- BI-I-RU!" and "O-KAI-K!".If you do not use these two words,You also not be eat cuisine foreve…(143 words)

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Meal of sumo wrestlers images

Meal of sumo wrestlers

All over the world, sumo wrestlers are famous.So the question for you.Do you draw a cuisine that sumo wrestlers eat in the picture?You can see if you go to the RYOUGOKU-city in Tokyo.Sumo Wrestler of the meal, says that even "Chanko" in any dish.When you visit a sumo stable, iro…(134 words)

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Charming sweets, "MA-ME-DAI-FUKU", Do you know? images

Charming sweets, "MA-ME-DAI-FUKU", Do you know?

In Japan, there is a cute sweets.It is a Japanese sweets named "MA-ME-DAI-FUKU". Do you know?Please try to have on hand. It will be similar to the cute something of the animal.The taste is very delicious.Even on weekdays, it will immediately sold out.Since I lived in harajuku, I a…(90 words)

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Shop tempura Edogawa Rampo ate many times images

Shop tempura Edogawa Rampo ate many times

In Tokyo there is a town called Jimbocho.There is No. 1 in the East, it had been said to be a city that old book gather.For novelist, Jimbocho is the place to look for work tips.In the Jinbocho, there are shops of tempura Edogawa Rampo attend.But only for lunch, you can eat tendon at …(98 words)

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"俺" = Words to forcefully express "myself" images

"俺" = Words to forcefully express "myself"

There is a word "俺" in Japanese.The word is used when to speak with self-confidence.Although the difference is the true meaning and nuance,Japanese will use the word in such a feeling.When you walk in Tokyo, you might see a lot of characters "俺".In the shop sign that letter was wr…(86 words)

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Ginza Aster Fall Course Menu images

Ginza Aster Fall Course Menu

A friend was having a birthday so this was a great excuse for a group of us to head to and treat ourselves to a bit of a special meal at Aster Ginza to celebrate with our friend. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they had renewed and updated their course menu offerings for the fall season…(267 words)

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Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef images

Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef

The other day I had the pleasure to interview Minakawa san, the Grand Chef of Ginza Aster. He is a genuinely all round nice guy and it was a great insight to speak to someone in his position. We spoke about various aspects of his time at Aster Ginza, their concept and what he does specifically. H…(273 words)

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Bonenkai season images

Bonenkai season

Well that time of the year has rolled around again - Bonenkai season. Literally this translates to Forget the Year party, and is generally held among groups of co-workers or friends. The purpose of the party is to give completion to the year by forgetting the ups and downs of the past year, and als…(167 words)

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Go Go Curry images

Go Go Curry

I love Japanese curry. My favourite store is Go Go Curry, originating form Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture. It's a chain store with a lot of locations in and around Tokyo. I made a video when I went there recently - was really yummy!(53 words)

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Japanese sweets images

Japanese sweets

Wagashi“Take a taste of a typical Japanese sweet called "Wagashi" ... The Wagashi sweets are a beautiful art form as well. Just like cakes and patisserie are an art in Europe, Wagashi is molded into lovely shapes and colors with just the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the fresh bitterne…(391 words)

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Go on a quest to find the tastiest Japanese noodles images

Go on a quest to find the tastiest Japanese noodles

Explore the world of ramen and tsukemen“Shops making tasty ramen noodles are everywhere in Japan. Get off the train at just about any station and chances are that you will find a ramen shop nearby. Many ramen shops offer ramen (noodles served in a bowl of soup) and tsukemen (noodles and soup se…(450 words)

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Eating and drinking in Japan on a budget images

Eating and drinking in Japan on a budget

Go out for lunch“Make lunch one highlight of your days in Japan ... Select a special lunch set at a sushi bar or traditional Japanese restaurant. You can expect to eat an exquisite selection for less than half of what you would pay at dinner time. These lunch sets are a good option if you want …(464 words)

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Following in the footsteps of the Samurai of Fukushima images

Following in the footsteps of the Samurai of Fukushima

We began our junket in Shirakawa, Fukushima prefecture. The leaves were turning and the scenery was beautiful. First on our stop was the castle. The pine trees on the grounds Shirakawa Komine Castle were immaculate and the main gate was imposing. What I learned on this trip was that what I had prev…(1043 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Exploring Yonezawa: A Culinary and Cultural Journey Through the ABCs (Apple, Beef, Carp) images

Exploring Yonezawa: A Culinary and Cultural Journey Through the ABCs (Apple, Beef, Carp)

When you embark on a journey to Yonezawa, a charming city nestled in the heart of Yamagata Prefecture, you are headed for a foodie’s paradise! The city’s food culture centers around a trio of delightful, delicious treasures: Apples, Beef, and Carp. Let's dive into the essence of Yonezawa's unique …(378 words)

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Find Taisho(Sushi restaurant's head chef) images

Find Taisho(Sushi restaurant's head chef)

When you go to traditional sushi bars or restaurants. Usually it's pretty small and there is a counter bar.Find Taisho(Sushi bar / restaurant's head chef) and order "omakase"Omakase means "chef's special". They offer you today's recommendation fresh fishes. ( 12 ~15 pieces usually)Traditi…(58 words)

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Don't play with your chopsticks! images

Don't play with your chopsticks!

When I was child, my grandmother often said to me. "don't play with your chopsticks!"1. Don't pointed out people with chopsticks2. Don't spear your food with a chopsticks3. Big no no is stand chopsticks upright in rice, (this means 'death')Of course it's better use chopsticks properly, …(59 words)

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Nutritious Japanese snacks [a work in progress] images

Nutritious Japanese snacks [a work in progress]

The Japanese diet is superior to the western diet in many ways and, although western snacks such as cookies, potato chips and other sweets are easy to find, low cal and nutrition dense foods are easy to find.Let me define my terms here. Low cal are foods that are less than 150 kcal/serving. N…(236 words)

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Dagashi-ya images


The most interesting places to get snacks in Japan are at dagashi-ya, which means, literally cheap snack store. Dagashi are mostly very inexpensive candies and other snack items that have been around for many years, especially in the mid-Showa post-war period. While the prices have gone up since …(101 words)

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SOBA or UDON! Which one you would like to eat? images

SOBA or UDON! Which one you would like to eat?

Almost all Tachigui soba Shop provide both Soba and Udon.If you went tachigui soba shop ,shop staff ask you which one you want to eat ?soba or udon? Depend on your favor ,Please tell them soba or udon.(39 words)

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Arrive there at around 9:00 images

Arrive there at around 9:00

Maybe it's not a fun tip, but they don't let non-licensed general public into the inner market until 9:00. So, when going there, make sure that you arrive there at around 9:00. If you get there too early, you may need to wait till 9:00 to see all the goodies.(47 words)

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Ewww - it's seaweed?!!! images

Ewww - it's seaweed?!!!

You might think it's yukky, but seaweed is really fantastic! Not only is it healthy, but it is tasty, too. There are so many different kinds of seaweed that Japanese eat and many different ways of eating it, too. Think of seaweeds as sea vegetables, and you get a better idea of the yummy variety…(192 words)

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Eating great ramen images

Eating great ramen

Ramen is one of the most popular "B-gurume" (B-grade connoisseur) foods in Japan. Many chef's pride themselves for their soup, noodles, and toppings. In addition, it is a food where the chef's often begrudge people - their customers(?!!) - for asking for things differently. Watch the other peopl…(191 words)

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"Okowa" is a must-eat! images

"Okowa" is a must-eat!

My favorite Bento place is “Tagosaku,” often found in the basement of big department stores or near the train stations. “Okowa” is Japanese mocha-gome (sticky rice) with various vegetables or beans. I love eating the “gomoku-okowa,” which is the sticky rice with a variety of vegetables and chicken …(91 words)

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Eat everything you take! images

Eat everything you take!

Although not a rule, from childhood, Japanese children learn that they should not have any left-over food as it is wasteful. Therefore, in order to behave like a local, try to take a small amount of food at a time. As it is an all-you-can-eat, you don't have to worry about not having enough food! T…(89 words)

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15kinds of ONIGIRI (or OMUSUBI) images

15kinds of ONIGIRI (or OMUSUBI)

The rice ball (Onigiri and Omusubi are the same meanings)of the Japanese minisuper (KONBINI)has too many kinds now and continues still increasing day and night. I think that it is a barrier for a foreign tourist most to keep the contents that it is difficult for even a general Japanese to know …(208 words)

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Ramen images


Definitely, Ramen! Ramen (Noodle with soup) is one of the most popular foods in Japan, it has some pork or vegitables on top of noodle. Basically, you have a soup choice of miso (red bean paste) or shoyu (soy souce) and can eat with reasonable price. I would say try going to Ramen shop where people…(66 words)

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“Sanma” images


A variety of delicious foods are harvested during Autumn season in Japan. “Sanma” is in season during Autumn. Sanma is written as 秋刀魚 in Kanji, which is one of the season words. They can be grilled and served with grated Japanese radish to eat with ponzu sauce. They are delicious!(49 words)

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Let a boiling water cool - for a tasty cup of tea images

Let a boiling water cool - for a tasty cup of tea

In order to pour a tasty cup of tea, you should let a boiling water cool. If you pour boiling water into a teapot directly, the temperature will be too high. Pour boiling water into a teacup first. Especially for high quality sencha and gyokuro, it is important to use a low temperature water (40-50…(106 words)

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Streamers Coffee images

Streamers Coffee

Streamers Coffee has two locations in the Tokyo area: Harajuku and Shibuya. Streamers has a really friendly staff, trendy atmosphere, and delicious coffee served in large mugs. Bonus: They rock at latte art. words)

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Best Summer Foods in Japan images

Best Summer Foods in Japan

Here is a list of my favorite summer foods in Japan (in no particular order):* Yakiniku (焼肉), or Korean-style barbeque. Although it's available all year around, it somehow just tastes better when cooked and eaten outdoors, especially in the garden or at the beach.* Somen (そうめん) …(239 words)

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Andrea Miyata