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Cheers with Japanese Sake images

Cheers with Japanese Sake

Sake is the representative alcohol in Japan. They are a liquor made by fermentation of rice and they are also called “Seisyu”.The Kyoto municipal government was the first to establish so-called “kampai ordinances”, to promote the spread of refined sake made in Kyoto city. The government aims to s…(96 words)

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A community with trust and connection images

A community with trust and connection

My good friend Kato-san's family runs a farmhouse near Hamamatsu.I had the chance to visit is home the other day.The entrance to the house is right by a main road where people and cars pass by.I was welcomed by a vertical flag saying "Kato's Farmhouse."The entrance of the property were st…(244 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

A place that leads you back in time! images

A place that leads you back in time!

The other day, I needed a café to get myself alive and kicking and I entered the Virgin coffee shop in Roppongi, located at the corner of a 35 years old building, not very far from Gonpachi, along the highway. This is in the same building as the eclectic boutique hotel H&R Roppongi. If you stay th…(372 words)

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St. Patrick's Day special menu images

St. Patrick's Day special menu

Special St. Patrick's Day dinner plate "Corned Beef & Cabbage" is available for 1,980 yen at all Hard Rock Cafe in Japan . (Served till March 17th). Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with friends and family at Hard Rock Cafe.Sepcial St. Patrick's Day pin is also available at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo.h…(53 words)

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DevilCraft Beer & Pizza images

DevilCraft Beer & Pizza

People have been extolling the praises of DevilCraft Beer & Pizza since July, 2011 – when their first shop in Kanda opened. DevilCraft’s Chicago-style pizza and plethora of craft beers on tap has since become the stuff of legend.I recently visited their newest shop in Hamamatsucho, which opened…(86 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Tempura - Kaneko Hannosuke at Nihonbashi images

Tempura - Kaneko Hannosuke at Nihonbashi

I love their tendon. They are actually one of the best tendons I've ever had! The shop is clean and neat too.When you sit down, you are first served with Tea that has floating black beans. (I was very impressed with this service when I first visited them. Very Japanese!)They only have one menu.…(169 words)

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A quiet Italian in Gotanda images

A quiet Italian in Gotanda

Il Cavallo is a bit hidden away on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Design Center Building, but access is easy as it's right in front of exit #7 of Gotanda Station.Set lunches range from 1,050 to 4,000 yen. I had the Pranzo B which included a choice of soup of antipasto and a main course (pork on the day…(141 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

The Kit Kat world in Japan. images

The Kit Kat world in Japan.

Japan is a place to enjoy unique Kit Kat flavors. There are so many varieties of them some of it even may be a bit strange to bite into those choco covered wafers. What are the flavors you tried until now in Japan? Keep your eyes open in super markets and you will be surprised on the Kitkat flavour…(90 words)

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Ootoya restaurant - Kasan Ni Teishoku images

Ootoya restaurant - Kasan Ni Teishoku

My recommendation for Teishoku is "Kasan Ni" at Ootoya Restaurant. This one is an Ootoya special and one of their signature items. I actually ate this yummy teishoku when I went there with my family for the first time. Then, I ended up sticking to this dish for a while after that whenever I went th…(149 words)

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Vegetarian in Tokyo: Kichjouji images

Vegetarian in Tokyo: Kichjouji

Japan is the land of endless variations of tofu, but sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into something burger-like and protein-packed. In Japan veggie burgers and other TVP based faux-meat products are hard to find, so when the craving gets overwhelming I jump on the Inokashira line to Kich…(138 words)

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Why Japanese seafood so good images

Why Japanese seafood so good

Seaweed art learned by NPO who try to teach ecology through seaweed; underwater forest. Japan is the islands country in temperate zone and it's rich sea hold much seaweed brings up many fish and creatures. That is one of the reason of rich Japanese seafood. You can also taste many kinds of seaweed …(102 words)

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Hanami: Do it like the Japanese images

Hanami: Do it like the Japanese

This is the check list of things that you absolutely need stricto minima to do your Hanami party like the Japanese! If you have the following kit, you will look like the real part! - blue plastic sheet: to use as a carpet. You can use one with Hello Kitty or Pikatchu but blue will do it. …(210 words)

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The real soba experience in Asakusa images

The real soba experience in Asakusa

You will never find Tanso-an Kenjiro unless you know how to find it. It is the Saint Graal of soba experience.Kenjiro Suzuki has traveled around Japan during many years to learn his craft and soba making from every region of Japan. He did it the medieval way: working for soba-masters every wher…(265 words)

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Children’s Day images

Children’s Day

Kodomo-no-hi falls on May 5, called "Tango-no-sekku", Boys' festival. In Japan, we have various customs on the day. We hang out carp streamers (Koinobori) or decorate the Boys' May Festival dolls to pray that boys in the house will live their lives strongly as well as to drive out an evil spirit. O…(87 words)

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Japanese sweets images

Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets and cakes are awesome.If you are afraid to try the traditional ones, those made with rice and red beans, you can still try the "occidental" ones.If you go to a department store food floor (usually basement floor), you will have a huge choice of patisseries and breads. Giotto…(189 words)

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7 Reasons Why Tokyo is the New Paris - Food and Wine images

7 Reasons Why Tokyo is the New Paris - Food and Wine post from a Food and Wine writer about Tokyo... He highlights a few things (...obvious to us), but it is great coming from a "third-party Francophile". Tokyo certainly has great pastries (... and bakeries). Whil…(270 words)

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Sasebo Hamburgers images

Sasebo Hamburgers

When one thinks of hamburgers, you usually think of the good old USA. However, if there's one thing Japan is good at, it is taking ideas, things and even foods from other countries, putting their own spin on it and making it uniquely Japanese.While I was visiting Huis ten Bosch in Sasebo, I tr…(159 words)

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"Gomatamago" - Tokyo sweet souvenir images

"Gomatamago" - Tokyo sweet souvenir

You may not know it yet but one of the Tokyo "omiyage" you want most is the gomatomago. Goma means sesame seed and tamago means egg. Literally it is a sesame seed egg. It's a Tokyo specialty and previously available only at Tokyo Station. However, as it is getting popular, you can find it some othe…(164 words)

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Ready for some MEAT in Tokyo? images

Ready for some MEAT in Tokyo?

Just in case you are in the need for some amazing steak, Wolfgang's steakhouse in Roppongi will definite fulfill you! This is the first video review of the restaurant to share with the Deep Japan community. were very impressed! To f…(97 words)

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Cinco De Mayo campaign at Hard Rock Cafe images

Cinco De Mayo campaign at Hard Rock Cafe

You can enjoy Tex-Mex cuisine at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo. They have "Cinco De Mayo" limited time menu from May 1st to 31st. Chimichanga is served with fried rice and black beans. You can also enjoy Cinco De Mayo special drink, Casa Noble Rita and non alcohol Orange crush. They also have limited num…(78 words)

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Please look at the skill of the sushi chef! images

Please look at the skill of the sushi chef! a video of beautiful Japanese food and chef's techniques which make you touched.This time, we present you a video of sushi which makes your mouth water.How fun of sushi, as well as eat, and enjo…(64 words)

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Bakery & Table HAKONE images

Bakery & Table HAKONE

Great food, service and views!We happened to pass by this place and walked in. But it turned out to be excellent! We grabbed a couple of pastry with a bottle of milk and sat outside enjoying the view of the Ashi Lake. You can take off your shoes and socks at the outside table and soak your bare…(131 words)

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Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. images

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

A show that will leave you asking “What just happened?” At Japan Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, more really is more. This means you’ll get to experience robots dancing alongside half naked women to the sounds of Psy’s Gangnam Style, soon after watching panda’s ride robotic cows, a mermaid come strol…(147 words)

Emelie Fågelstedt image

Emelie Fågelstedt

My first loach.What's otoshi?? Girls' Japanese night life. images

My first loach.What's otoshi?? Girls' Japanese night life. introduce a Japanese-bar (Izakaya), which is in a place where people from other countries hesitate to enter.This time, it's in Uguisudani.We took out some yakitori ,talked with a drunk old man and ate loach! We didn't know Japanese omelette is square....(48 words)

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Japan with a Different Kind of Sweet images

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Japan with a Different Kind of Sweet

As a pancake boom sweeps the nation, waffle shops are everywhere and gooey goops of chocolate sauce are merrily mixed into multi-flavored ice cream at Coldstone, it might be hard for you to imagine the the not-so-sweet sweet in Japan is a popular and beloved thing.If you take your friends or ho…(391 words)


"Tanaye" & "Club Harie" images

"Tanaye" & "Club Harie"

These are special sweets "Taneya" designed for Children's Day this year. Aren't they pretty? Inside the paper boxes, they have several Chimaki, a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, special sweets for Children's Day in Japan. Their mochi skin is so smooth and I bet you will be impressed with your first …(246 words)

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Convenience stores and selection images

Convenience stores and selection

Like the ubiquitous vending machines of Japan, convenience stores are truly convenient and just as ubiquitous. They are everywhere. And the selections they have is quite amazing for such tiny stores. Although the aisles are narrow, the lighting is very bright and the cleanliness and the stock li…(151 words)

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The Wildest Times in Japan Begin With a Cup of Sake, a Traditional Japanese Rice Wine images

The Wildest Times in Japan Begin With a Cup of Sake, a Traditional Japanese Rice Wine

I remember going to a nearby Western Bar in Aiea with my friend from High School and sharing a few “Shots” of alcohol where you pour some mixture of strong and sweet into a little “shot glass” and down it together in one fell gulp.Those were fun and crazy times and the little buzz from that alc…(615 words)


Tokyo Kichi: A Hidden Dinner Spot in Shibuya images

Tokyo Kichi: A Hidden Dinner Spot in Shibuya

Its been almost an year since I took my girlfriend to Tokyo Kichi and I still can’t forget the wonderful experience we had there. We decided to go after noticing a high rating on “tabelog” (Japanese version of yelp). Honestly, it was a challenge to find it at first. Although it was near the ent…(178 words)

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Real Coffee images

Real Coffee

There are plenty of places to get a cup of coffee in Japan. Every convenience store, a Starbucks or Tullys on every corner it seems, and numerous tea and coffee shops and restaurants.But, when you're ready for a really good cup it's hard to beat the little shops owned by someone who has an obvi…(273 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Meet Yoshida No Udonburi-Chan, Udon Character From Mt. Fuji, Japan! images

Meet Yoshida No Udonburi-Chan, Udon Character From Mt. Fuji, Japan!

There is a very famous type of Udon in Yamanashi Prefecture’s Fujiyoshida City. It is a little bit heavier and stronger than regular Udon so when you try to bite through the noodles it will make your teeth work harder. This is called “Koshi no aru” Udon in Japanese.It is said that this Yoshida …(654 words)


Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara images

Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara

Odawara is the station many people pass by when they visit popular Hakone. We happened to walk around Odawara for the first time when we visited Hakone last time. There, we found a very good restaurant specializing in sea foods bowls(Donburi),"Kaishu". With such a colorful restaurant's front face, …(242 words)

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Golden Gai images

Golden Gai

Golden Gai is a small and fantastic area in Shinjuku. Almost 200 mini-bars are squeezed into just a few small alleys, with some bars dating back to the 1960′s. The area was saved from being burnt down in the 1980′s because bar owners and protesters stayed up all night to guard the area from being d…(258 words)

Emelie Fågelstedt image

Emelie Fågelstedt

iL PRiMARiO / Kita-Aoyama images

iL PRiMARiO / Kita-Aoyama

iL PRiMARiO in the Aoyama Kinokuniya basement is one of the best meeting places. It is within 20-minute walk distance from JR Shibuya Station. The nearest station is Subway Omotesando (1 minute from Exit B2)Aoyama Kinokuniya is the famous ultrahigh grade international supermarket and a stylish …(412 words)

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TORAVESOGURIRU - Brazilian Restaurant in Yokohama China town images

TORAVESOGURIRU - Brazilian Restaurant in Yokohama China town

When you are getting a bit tired of Japanese foods and would like to have something different for a change, how about a Brazilian all-you-can-eat style restaurant in Yokohama China town? It's one of the best choices when you want to hang out with your friends. Their spacious interior is perfect for…(441 words)

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Olive Garden Market images

Olive Garden Market

Nippon Olive’s Olive Garden Market offers one more reason to visit Ushimado. Held one Sunday a month from 10 am to 4 pm, the market has continued to gain momentum since its creation at the beginning of 2013. On my first visit I was happy to see that so many people have put the Olive Garden on their…(361 words)

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Masakiya - Spice up the Udon images

Masakiya - Spice up the Udon

Masakiya is an udon shop. It is located not only off the beaten path, but well off the oft-travelled roads in an offbeat area, Nishi-Ogikubo. Nishiogi is well known for its antique shops, used books, quaint eateries, and, mostly, for being located near the ever popular Kichijoji, Asagaya, Koenji,…(379 words)

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52 Sushi Playing cards images

52 Sushi Playing cards

There are two types of sushi restaurants : Conveyor belt sushi restaurants and traditional sushi restaurants. When you go to traditional restaurants (without conveyor belt), you will expected to order your own dish one by one. But, you don't need to get nervous about it. You might want to take a co…(453 words)

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Japan Travel: Eat Excellent Shabu Shabu at Kanagawa-juku images

Japan Travel: Eat Excellent Shabu Shabu at Kanagawa-juku

Kanagawa-juku is the third of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō. It is located in Kanagawa - Ku in the present-day city of Yokohama Japan. The photo dipicts a series of houses along side of ocean but one of these houses is a traditional restaurant, which serves “Shabu-Shabu” among other d…(351 words)

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Sushizanmai Roppongi Roi Bldg. Mae Branch images

Sushizanmai Roppongi Roi Bldg. Mae Branch

Sushizanmai Roppongi Roi Bldg. Mae Branch is recommended for international visitors who would like to have sushi at reasonable prices in the Roppongi area. They have English menu with all the fish names. Even in case you cannot find your favorite dish on the menu, you can try to ask a cook. He …(125 words)

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