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Pub Restaurant "APOLLO" images

Pub Restaurant "APOLLO"

APPOLO is a restaurant of long standing, established in Yokohama in 1964, the 1st Tokyo Olympic year! The 50-year-old sleek pub restaurant is looking forward to seeing its 2nd Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020. The Owner and bartender, Mr.Seiji Ishihara (his nickname is "Chan"-san) is committed to hang on…(357 words)

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TORAVESOGURIRU - Brazilian Restaurant in Yokohama China town images

TORAVESOGURIRU - Brazilian Restaurant in Yokohama China town

When you are getting a bit tired of Japanese foods and would like to have something different for a change, how about a Brazilian all-you-can-eat style restaurant in Yokohama China town? It's one of the best choices when you want to hang out with your friends. Their spacious interior is perfect for…(441 words)

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Japanese Famous Snacks images

Japanese Famous Snacks

Do you know Japanese snacks?You can find many kind of snacks easily at convenience stores and supermarkets.You will hesitate what to buy.So I will recommend snacks that you must eat when you come to Japan.Every Japanese will say "Umaibo is the most famous snack in Japan".There is no one w…(253 words)

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Masakiya - Spice up the Udon images

Masakiya - Spice up the Udon

Masakiya is an udon shop. It is located not only off the beaten path, but well off the oft-travelled roads in an offbeat area, Nishi-Ogikubo. Nishiogi is well known for its antique shops, used books, quaint eateries, and, mostly, for being located near the ever popular Kichijoji, Asagaya, Koenji,…(379 words)

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Nombe Yokocho - Drunkard's Alley images

Nombe Yokocho - Drunkard's Alley

That is exactly what the sign says, "Nombe Yokocho" - Drunkard's Alley. It is located about a minute from Shibuya Station - almost directly across the street from a police box. It is a small section next to the JR tracks that is filled with bars. Sorry, this photo is taken during the day, when n…(188 words)

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52 Sushi Playing cards images

52 Sushi Playing cards

There are two types of sushi restaurants : Conveyor belt sushi restaurants and traditional sushi restaurants. When you go to traditional restaurants (without conveyor belt), you will expected to order your own dish one by one. But, you don't need to get nervous about it. You might want to take a co…(453 words)

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Gyoza Culture in Japan images

Gyoza Culture in Japan

Gyoza (Chinese dumpling) originally came from China but it is become one of Japanese soul food.We brought up with Gyoza, mom buys, eating out with family/friends or mammy's home made Gyoza.When you go to the Gyoza restaurants, you will find soup gyoza(which is more traditional in China)or …(166 words)

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Popular Yatai Foods: Takoyaki images

Popular Yatai Foods: Takoyaki

Takoyaki is among the most popular savoury foods from yatai food stalls. When there is a festival at a temple or shrine you will always find yatai there. Vendors sometimes also set up near train stations. Watch the food being prepared. The pieces are turned quickly to give them their round shap…(200 words)

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Popular Yatai Foods: Yakisoba images

Popular Yatai Foods: Yakisoba

Yatai food stalls at festivals always include a yakisoba vendor. Yakisoba noodles are Japanese fried noodles, but they have nothing to do with soba. The noodles used here are more like the ones for ramen. The noodles are quickly cooked on a hotplate with vegetables, meat, or seafood and seasone…(215 words)

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Japanese Themed Cafés images

Japanese Themed Cafés

How many kinds of Japanese theme cafés do you know? Maid café, cat café, rabbit café...? Actually, Tokyo has variety of themed restaurants that you have never imagined. My recommendation for this summer 2014 is "Pikachu café" in Roppongi Hills! Everyone probably knows Pokémon and Pikachu, but who…(245 words)

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Perfect for a Sweet Tooth images

Perfect for a Sweet Tooth

Kankontan, it seems, is a very famous pastry from Toyama Prefecture. It is made by a well known local patisserie, Fleur de Lis Blanc. Apparently, the patisserie is primarily of French persuasion, though it is one with a distinct Japanese taste.The Kanji characters for Kankontan reveal almost …(306 words)

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Vegan Cafe in Aoyama images

Vegan Cafe in Aoyama

The Pure Cafe is one of my favorite cafe in Tokyo. I am not a vegetarian but I often go this place to calm my self. all dished are so tasty such as Sandwich with Rye Bread『 TANDOORI TOFU Sandwich 』,Grains Salad『 NASI GORENG 』and also their sweets are so good!…(116 words)

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Autumn appetite images

Autumn appetite

Autumn, it is a season for sports, reading, and harvest in Japan.For me, it's a season for my appetite as well as sports. I recommend one of great traditional Japanese food called Kurigohan.Chestnut is called the Japanese chestnut, are harvested in the fall. Kurigohan is steamed rice cooked…(224 words)

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Manga Starbucks images

Manga Starbucks

From one little coffee shop in Seattle Washington in 1971, a coffee empire unlike any empire ever seen was born. Their cafes can be found in sixty five countries, with more than sixteen thousand locations. Their products are also sold ubiquitously from convenient stores to grocery markets, and in …(269 words)

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Eating in Japan is never a problem! Picnics are the bests images

Eating in Japan is never a problem! Picnics are the bests

When travelling, you have no choice but to eat either in restaurants (nice but it gets on your appetite, and stomach and say good bye to your weight control), or get some room service (a bit sad), or grab some junk food from fast food restaurant and conbini (the 7/11 and other Lawson that have col…(738 words)

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Cajun & Creole Cooking and Craft Beer at Nawlins BBQ House, Yokosuka images

Cajun & Creole Cooking and Craft Beer at Nawlins BBQ House, Yokosuka

Sushi. Natto. Takoyaki. We all love Japanese food, but sometimes that inexplicable mood hits hard and you've just got to have some good old fashion BBQ. Thanks to Nawlins, Yokosuka’s first Cajun and Creole restaurant, you can satiate that craving any time you please. Nawlins serves delicious sl…(341 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

A taste of Aomori in Tokyo images

A taste of Aomori in Tokyo

What comes to mind when you think of Aomori? Most people know that it is a prefecture in northern Japan. The northernmost prefecture on the main island of Honshu to be exact. Also, many would note that the prefecture is known for it's apples. Aomori apples are widely acclaimed for their quality and…(714 words)

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"Matsutake" Mushrooms images

"Matsutake" Mushrooms

Autumn is "Shokuyoku no aki" (time of hearty appetites). As the heat goes away, the Japanese enjoy seasonal foods such as chestnuts, mashrooms, sweet potatos and Pacific saury to name a few. Sometimes, we enjoy culinary treats such as maple leaves in tempura.One of the more notable smells of au…(235 words)

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Shinjuku Awaodori Restaurant images

Shinjuku Awaodori Restaurant

There are many restaurants; there are not as many restaurant experiences. Some might say that any restaurant whose primary draw is not the food should not exist; I beg to differ, as the food of some localities is best experienced as a part of its culture. Awaodori is the cultural heritage of Tokush…(273 words)

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Kyara-ben or chara-ben Culture images

Kyara-ben or chara-ben Culture

It is a shortened form of character bento. As Autumn is season for sports festivals in Japan, it comes up in our conversations between moms. Moms decorate homemade food to look like cute characters in order to make their kids happy and their lunches more appealing.If you’re interested in seeing…(222 words)

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Kyoto - City of...Falafel? images

Kyoto - City of...Falafel?

Falafel Garden has been a staple hangout for Kyoto locals since 2004. I was first taken there (by a Kyoto local) two years ago, only to be - like everyone else who's been there - completely astounded by one of the best falafels I have ever eaten. The food at Falafel Garden is made with "organic…(280 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Heart Shape Tangerine Treasures on Shikoku Island, Japan images

Heart Shape Tangerine Treasures on Shikoku Island, Japan

As my train lumbered through the towering mountains of Shikoku and I caught a quick glimpse of glistening sea beyond, I realized exactly why the Mikan (tangerines) of this area are so delicious. Makes perfect sense to me as I watch the mountainside drinking in the salt-tinged air and the bright Set…(236 words)


Where to eat ROAST BEEF in Tokyo images

Where to eat ROAST BEEF in Tokyo

Have you decided where you are going to have hiliday dinner with your family for this weekend? Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo serve juicy and tender ROAST BEFF as lmited time menu. They have also renewed their grand menu. Now you can enjoy new menu as well. For further information, please call 03-3408-7018.(53 words)

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Ban Rai Tei: One of the Best Noodle Restaurant in Yokohama China Town images

Ban Rai Tei: One of the Best Noodle Restaurant in Yokohama China Town

Banrai-Tei is a great Shanghai Cuisine resturant in Yokohama China town. They are so popular that there are always lines and you can spot it easily. They originated as a noodle house and then started a restaurant, all their noodles dishes are so delicious. You've got to try their pai gu mian (Sichu…(208 words)

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Skipjack Tuna (Katsuo) in Japanese cuisine images

Skipjack Tuna (Katsuo) in Japanese cuisine

Skipjack tuna is used extensively in Japanese cuisine, where it is known as katsuo. It is smoked and dried to make katsuobushi, the central ingredient in dashi(=a common Japanese fish stock).Besides being used as katsuobushi, it can be eaten seared (katsuo tataki) and raw in sushi and sashimi. As…(69 words)

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5 Tips On How to Eat Sushi in Japan images

5 Tips On How to Eat Sushi in Japan

As we sat at the Sushi Bar in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station we were so excited about what would emerge over the glass separation from the Sushi Shokunin (Chef). We watched as he deftly clumped slightly sweetened and vinegar-kissed white rice into little Nigiri Gunkans (literally translated at “Pressed …(1182 words)


Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Cafe in Shibuya images

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Cafe in Shibuya

The Guest Cafe&diner on the 7th Floor of Shibuya PARCO PART 1 has had many different themed cafes before from Hello Kitty to Funasshi Cafe. Opened from January 9th, the Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire cafe is an adorable attraction for anyone in or visiting the Shibuya area.The cafe offers a …(379 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

I opened a wine bar in Tokyo images

I opened a wine bar in Tokyo

I recently opened a wine bar in the Omotesando area of Tokyo, a very stylish area of the city. I'd like to post a brief outline of the process I went through in establishing the bar below. The property I sourced the property through a friend. It is a two storey building, built in the late…(833 words)

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Hot Cake at Jinguen in Harajuku images

Hot Cake at Jinguen in Harajuku

Do you like pancake? It is very popular now and many foreign style pancake shops are opened in Japan. Harajuku is famous pancake battleground, you will see many pancake shops especially Hawaiian style, and some have long lines in front of the shops. However, I would like to show you very Japanese …(175 words)

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Chicken Ramen & Tsukemen at Taiga in Asakusa images

Chicken Ramen & Tsukemen at Taiga in Asakusa

Taiga is the ramen shop in Asakusa you should visit when you are very hungry, tired, and need "chicken soup for your soul". The chicken soup that makes up the base for the ramen and tsukemen here is that good.Choose from the ramen or tsukemen menu and decide how many noodles you would like. The…(242 words)

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Deep crawl at night in Shinjuku - Golden Gai(District) images

Deep crawl at night in Shinjuku - Golden Gai(District)

Which is the best place to visit in Tokyo at night?To experience the local and enjoy the talk with the locals?Well, one has his/her own interest so does other. And Tokyo has so many options to offer. So it's not easy to pick only one.But this is for you who might be looking for some ol…(294 words)

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Kirin Yokohama Beer Village images

Kirin Yokohama Beer Village

Kirin Beer originates from YokohamaThe Kirin Beer Village, where you can learn about the history of beer, is surely a place that any beer-lover would want to visit.Kirin Beer originates from Yokohama. Kirin Yokohama Beer Village is the oldest brewery in Japan (completed in 1926), and reportedly…(929 words)

Kanagawa P.G.T.D. image

Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

Kobe Beef: The Caviar of Meat images

Kobe Beef: The Caviar of Meat

Everyone has heard about Kobe beef at least once while venturing out to their favorite steak restaurant. It’s definitely one of the best you can find in Japan. If you are a meat lover, you know it’s considered the epitome of fine dining.But what is, exactly, Kobe beef, and how is it prepared? W…(252 words)

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Grand Wine and Fine Yakitori in Yokohama images

Grand Wine and Fine Yakitori in Yokohama

Toriromeo was among the first restaurants to help revive Ishikawacho's food Renaissance back in 2010. It's an intimate, attractive yakitori shop with a counter that only seats nine, and customers lucky enough to sit down are always glad that's so. The no-gimmicks menu offers about 30 varieties of g…(294 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

An Elegant Lunch - Chinese Fine Dining at Ginza Aster images

An Elegant Lunch - Chinese Fine Dining at Ginza Aster

I recently had the pleasure of having lunch at Ginza Aster, a very well-known Chinese restaurant with a long history in the heart of downtown Ginza. The restaurant is famous for very good reasons. They offer some of the finest Chinese food available in the country, food that comes with excellent se…(388 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Mario i Sentieri images

Mario i Sentieri

This restaurant's name "Mario i Sentieri" means "Mario's Paths" in English, as chef Mario says he wants his patrons to see their time at his restaurant as an experience, and it was clearly the best restaurant dining experience of my life so far.The lighting is dim enough to be relaxing and roma…(421 words)

Laurier Tiernan image

Laurier Tiernan

Casual Cool Dining in the Hippest Part of Tokyo Town images

Casual Cool Dining in the Hippest Part of Tokyo Town

I knew I wanted to come back after my first visit; now after several, Weekend Garage Tokyo has become my latest favourite Shibuya-Ebisu-Daikanyama hang. They're a unusually large restaurant/live house unconventionally located on an almost hidden street along the JR Yamanote Line train tracks.We…(267 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Japan's First and Oldest Greek Restaurant images

Japan's First and Oldest Greek Restaurant

Sparta, located in Yoshidamachi, Yokohama, is Japan's first and oldest Greek restaurant - and quite arguably one of the country's best. Founded by Elias Skantos in 1953, it's now run by his disciple, chef Akutsu Yasuyuki, and his wife Yoko. Together, the two travel to Greece yearly to update their …(348 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Yoshiwara and Oiran and TEMPURA images

Yoshiwara and Oiran and TEMPURA

In Japan, there was a place called "Yoshiwara".It is a famous place, the woman named Oiran, but it is not anymore.Things that Japanese men expect to women,It is a little childish gesture and innocent face.The reason is because cute.Its roots can be found in Yoshiwara and Oiran.100…(121 words)

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"俺" = Words to forcefully express "myself" images

"俺" = Words to forcefully express "myself"

There is a word "俺" in Japanese.The word is used when to speak with self-confidence.Although the difference is the true meaning and nuance,Japanese will use the word in such a feeling.When you walk in Tokyo, you might see a lot of characters "俺".In the shop sign that letter was wr…(86 words)

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