2 sushi place you need to visit...

In Ginza

2 streets behind the Matsuya department store, there is a small sushi shop called Marui.

Their fish come from Tsukiji market directly. Price is very reasonable. You get a lunch for 900 or 1000 yen and in the evening, you also have some menu possibilities that will not let you leave with empty pockets at all.

They have the usual sushi and also some sushi-don... just writing about Marui sushi makes me hungry!

in Tsukiji market

You have a lot of restaurants at Tsukiji market. The one that I recommend is close to tsukiji shijo mae station exit. Difficult to explain precisely how to get there but if you enter the market from the station, in the large logistics hall, you are close. It is one of the first shops in the small street, on your left side. It is called Isono. Ask someone working at the market, they will tell you.

Price is a bit more expensive than Marui, it starts a t 2500 yen but, oh my Gooood, they have the best sushis you can get around for still, a very reasonable price. The rice is very discreet, which is always a good sign.

I think that being able to offer very good food for a reasonable price is the hallmark of good chefs...

by Claire

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