Ramen with Chashu Topping

Ramen are very popular in Japan. There are magazines and books about ramen and TV shows where people do nothing but walk around from shop to shop eating.

Ramen come in several flavours, depending on the broth cooked by the shop master. The broth is mixed to make shoyu or miso taste. Whatever taste ramen you order, most of them will have chashu slices as a topping. If you like it, you can order extra chashu.

Chashu is usually made using pork. The meat is marinated and cooked until it is very soft. It is cut into thin slices before serving. Every shop that makes ramen will have their own recipe for the broth and chashu.

These pictures are from Yottekoya, near Fujisawa station at the beginning of the South exit main shopping street (南口本通り商店街). http://www.yottekoya.com

by David

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