Special places in Japan can be hidden just outside of the city

Go to distant locations find your awe!

How much would you pay to eat fresh sashimi?

Would you go to a 100 yen Kaiten Sushi?
Or would you prefer to know what your eating and go to a Sushi bar where the chief is right in front of you? Sounds expensive?!

The fish you eat in Tokyo the main hub comes through a large market called Tukiji. Fish from all over Japan pass through Tukiji and the shops or cooks come to buy todays fish here.

The fish in Tukiji are fresh and good quality.
The kind of fish that are sold here are the kind that can stay fresh within 24 hours of transport.

Meaning there are so many other kinds of fish and new ways eat waiting for you.
If you are willing to take action in going to distant places!

Here in Maisaka (Hamamatsu) there are local Izakaya's that serve fresh sashimi for 300yen! Nice thick cut Sashimi, dip with Soy Sauce and garlic.

There are fresh oysters and rare fish that local fisherman come by to share their catch.
I ate a fish called Mehikari just the other day.
It's a deep sea fish length about 15cm.
I was amazed how good it was but you can only eat it raw with in 5 hours of catch.

So there are many kinds of things that can become a great meal.
Perhaps more than what money can buy even at the most expensive restaurants they won't be able to serve.

Consider in taking that money into your traveling expense and get out of the city! Japan is convenient for transport and the prices of eating out goes down farther you get out the city!

Enjoy your stay in Japan. Meet new people, share your experience!

by Yuuki I

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