The must-do of Japan: get a "hair-spa"


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When you are in need of a pat in your back, and you deserve it!

Or when you want to relax, enjoy time for yourself, get a nice hair brushing, refresh, get rid of your jet lag, all you need to do is pick up one of the numerous hair salons and ask for a head-spa.

It takes 2 hours of your time, but, it is totally worth it. The hairdressers in Japan are doing magic with the tip of their fingers and scissors.

They will shampoo your hair with so much mousse that you would think their intention is to shower you and then, they will spend quite some time massaging your scalp, your neck, .... your shoulders, ... and your neck again...

Ooooh, yes. It makes you feel sooooooo relax. Then, your hair will need to get moistured so you will get a sophisticated equipment on your head, looking like it was last used in the Twilight Zone, and get some more meditation time.

If you want a haircut, you can get it, otherwise, you can just ask for a brushing.

After that, you feel confident, rejuvenated, pampered, and your hair looks good. And you too (not that you looked otherwise previously though!

by Claire

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