Music in Japan is not just about AKB

To find the music you like don't just turn on your TV

Are you looking for some good music tracks to put in your IPOD?
Well my mistake was relying on watching top ranking music shows on TV.

Turn off your TV set and get out to some live music.
There are many popular music festivals in Japan.

Fuji Rock in July

Summer Sonic in August

Many famous artists from over seas come to these events.

If you are looking for good Japanese live music here are a few that I recommend.

ITADAKI in June (There are camp sites)

WIND BLOW not announced yet.

I'm sure there are more with in the city.
It's always a refreshing feeling to get out of the city every once in a while.

Get some friends together, pack up, car pool, and enjoy!!
The vibes are nothing like listening through your head phones!

Get up! Stand Up!!

by Yuuki I

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