Kyoto lovely spot to stay

5 petite chambre - without plural "s" at Gokoomachi-dori

Kyoto is THE place to visit, and visit again, and again. It does not matter how many time you go, there is always a new wonder to discover.

Flee markets such as the one of Toji (every 21st of the month) where you will find nice Japanese objet from kimono to ceramics..., or such as public bath such as Nishiki-yu (http://www.kyo1010.com/feature/at-nishikiyu/ the one at sakaimichi-dori, close to Nishiki market). The atmosphere there is sooo cool. Quite an old place though, with retro hair-dryer and massage sofa. What is interesting is that the people you will meet in the bath are different when you go at different time: afternoon: young ladies; early evening: old people, at night: mama-san who have finished their work.

Close to there, there is one B&B called "5 petite chambre" http://cinqcafe.jimdo.com/
It is a small hotel, in an ancient and typical Kyoto style house, but refurbished in a modern way. The bathtub is my favorite although I always go to the public bath... There is no breakfast service but the bar is jazzy and cool. Wine selection is very nice too. Kamo river is at walking distance. Price is also reasonable, which is not always a commodity in touristic Kyoto. Around the place, lots of restaurants, lots of shops, modern and traditional, and especially, lots of second-hand shops.

If you do not find your happiness there, you cannot find it anywhere else.

by Claire

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