Yet another place to visit in Kyoto:

The Garden of Ando

Tadao Ando is one of the most famous modern architect in Japan. I am no architecture expert so I will not talk about his works.

He has created a garden in Kyoto. What is most extraordinary about this garden, is that there is no vegetation. absolutely not. But there are reproductions of the most famous paintings from everywhere.

It is a mystical place for me. It is located next to the botanical garden of Kyoto, in the Northern part. Close to another architectural modern home made by another architect and this is becoming quite derelict. But anyway.

I am so amazed how Ando could create such a modern and "un"Japanese thing in Kyoto, and at the same time, make it so Japanese, and make it look so natural in its environment! This is magical.

So, if you want to change your mind from temples and pagoda, I recommend Ando's Garden. You have never seen anything quite like this (maybe Kyoto station)!

by Claire

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