Cherry Blossoms, Tokyo Japan

It will be a part of your life memories in Japan

When the Cherry blossoms (SAKURA in Japanese) season, the Japanese people are motivated by its exquisite colors and be surrounded by the silent moment in this busy city

Some spots you can't miss with flowers reflected in the water and a long tunnel of cherry blossoms over head.

---"CHIDORI-GA-FUCHI" (Around the Imperial Palace, Northwest side)------

The side walk around the Palace will be covered with about 260 cherry trees such as Somei-Yoshino and Oshima-zakura. The trees are illuminated at night and the flowers creates a spiritual atmosphere.

Smart way to get here without getting lost: Tell your cab driver "Chidori-ga-fuchi, SAKURA', he/she will drop you off at the front.

Be prepared:
1. Weather Check - Flowers are very sensitive to the wind and rain. After it's bloomed, usually it starts falling within two weeks.

2. There is no food vendors to my acknowledge.

3. There are vending machines around the area. You can purchase HOT drinks!

Hope you have an enjoyable momment as I've had.

by Akina Tachimoto

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