What can you tell me about Japanese baseball?

Experience the Roaring Excitement of a Japanese Baseball Game

Baseball is not just an American pastime, but also a Japanese pastime!

The aspect of Japanese baseball I enjoy the most is the cheering. Unlike at a game in the States where the crowd only gets loud when a team is close to scoring or something exciting happens, a game in Japan consists of constant cheering. When one team is on the offence, the fans of the team in the bleachers stand up and begin cheering in unison, lead by a leader. Musical instruments like trumpets guide the cheers and fans make their own noise using small bats that they bang together. Every player on a team has a short song written for him and the fans sing this when he is up at bat. This is an aspect of baseball, very unique to Japan, and it can make a game fun, even if the baseball game itself is not very exciting. If you ever get a chance to go to a Japanese baseball, ensure to get tickets in the home team bleachers. Then, you will get to experience the cheering! By the way, this is a link to a video of me cheering at a Japanese baseball game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7VGltSi4MU

by GenS

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