Gyouza Okoku `Kingdom of Gyouza`

19 varieties of Gyouza, incl.100% vegetarian ones in Minami-Gyotoku

Gyouza or chinese dumplings are well-known in Japan. You can find them in restaurants and super-markets. Those who Love gyouza or those looking for 100% vegetarian gyouzas or Eager (& hungry) first-timers, do visit Gyouza Okoku restaurant in Minami-Gyotoku, 6~10 mins walk from Minami Gyotoku station. Get on Tokyo Metro Tozai subway for this station.

"Gyouza Okoku" literally means `Kingdom of Gyouza`, and this Gyouza wonderland does live up to its reputation. Highly recommended for ALL Gyouza Lovers

Official website and Directions: www.gyouzaoukoku.com/index.html
Food menu: www.gyouzaoukoku.com/menu.html

by Samir Bodhe

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