Where in Tokyo can I borrow kimonos and have photos taken?

Worth a quick visit if you would like to robe yourself in Beauty.



My German friend gives me a great information about Kimono experiences and I would like to share with you.

The place where tourists can try to wear a Kimono.
It's called "Marunouchi Cafe" ( http://www.marunouchicafe.com/english/ ).
She found this place by chance with a japanese friend, without seeing any advertisement or brochures before.

Marunouchi cafe is located in the 2nd floor in the Shin Tokyo Building. When she talked to the very helpful ladies from the tourist information center in the 1st floor, they recommended the marunouchi cafe in the 2nd floor. So she just went there to see what´s going on:)
The girl in this cafe are so funny and helpful, so she started to bring all our visitors to this place!

Here is her comments:
You can choose different colors of Kimonos and Obi; you can ask staff about the history and the culture of wearing a Kimono, now in summer they serve some cold green tea. You also can try to write your name (or whatever you want) in Kanji, I always have a lot of fun, when I am there!

Of course there are some more places in Tokyo, where you can go to wear a Kimono.
Of course you can get a special japanese make up and a hairstyle, which matches to the Kimono. But everywhere you pay a lot of money, so for me it makes sence for my visitors (friends and family), that they just go to Marunouchi cafe and try to wear a Kimono free of charge! Lot´s of people have a travel budget and as Japan is very expensive for european travellers, they should spend their money for buying souvenirs, special japanese food and drinks etc.:)

by yukorose

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