Where in Tokyo can I borrow kimonos and have photos taken?

Where can you buy a Kimono for a good price in Japan?

Are Kimonos expensive? Where can you buy a beautiful kimono?

I love to wear Kimono to weddings and parties in Japan. It is also really fun to get dressed up early on a Saturday morning and spend the day at Midtown or Shinjuku Gyouen in Kimono. You would be very surprised at how easy it is to wear and how comfortable the little zori slippers are. You will feel beautiful and special and men can also rent kimono to wear in more places now. My favorite place is Gekka Bijin in Roppongi. You can rent a kimono, have them dress you and get your hair done for about 23,000 yen. The link is here. Then you can contact AronKremer at Genki Art Photography to set up a photo session on location (in a nice park or temple) and take photos of your Kimono style as a permanent reminder of lovely times in Japan.
http://www.genkiart.net/people-events-photography.php (photography)
Here is Gekka Bijin in Roppongi. They are very efficient and fast. Located on the sixth floor of the building in front of Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo.

This is really worth it to do!


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