How can I see a sumo stable in Tokyo?

If you would like to see traditional Sumo, then try to go Kokugikan!

Sumo is really fun to watch.

I never interested watching sumo before but when I went to the sumo match for
the first time, I really enjoy it!

You can see powerful sumo match at the Kokugikan.

Kokugikan is a sumo hall (indoor sporting arena located in Ryogoku.

There is an English Sumo association website but you have to call them to buy a ticket in Japanese.

I recommend this process if you would like to purchase by yourself.

1. check the sumo match schedule from here

2. you will go to Kokugikan directly on the sumo match day that you would like to go
then buy a ticket at the ticket office.
Most of the time, they have space to get tickets. It is rare to sold out.

3. Sumo match starts 8:00a.m! until 5:30p.m or so.
They start sumo match from the lowest sumo wrestler.
around 3:30p.m yokozuna’s match starts;Yokozuna is a sumo
wrestler of the highest rank

It is fun to go there to have chanko(sumo wrestler's hot pot dishes)at the chanko restaurants in Ryogoku. After you enjoy sumo museum
and shopping inside of the Kokugikan. You can buy beer and snacks at the shop
and watch sumo matches with your beer and snacks!

by yukorose

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