What can you tell me about discount stores?

Daiso is SO da BOMB!

Back home the dollar store is home to outdated, tacky t-shirts, plastic plates and expired candy and food. In Japan, however, the hyaku-en shop, or Daiso, is a mecca of high-quality goods and great Japanese souvenirs.

Plates, bowls, mugs and cups that would cost 10 times as much in your home country, can be found here for a mere 105 yen. If you're looking for interesting souvenirs for children, look no further! There are plenty of Japan-centric toys, stickers and colouring books.

If you want to get some Japanese snacks that your friends might like to try and you're on a tight budget, Daiso is the place for you! Almost everything is represented. There are even toiletry items available, so if you've forgot to pack something, you might just find what you're looking. If you need tupperware, cleaning products or even a necktie, Daiso's got what you need!

Not all dollar stores were built the same. In Japan, they're a great option for things you're looking for -- whether you're looking for souvenirs or fake eyelashes for going out!

Shop till you drop on the cheap! You can't beat it!

by Nate

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