What craft beer do you recommend?

Hitachino Nest Beer

Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki prefecture has been making Hitachino Nest Beer since 1996. They offer over ten different kinds of beer including Amber Ale, Espresso Stout, Pale Ale, Weizen, and Japanese Classic Ale. What is also interesting is that one of their beers, the XH (a strong Belgian ale) blend European brewing technology with traditional Japanese brewing practices. The beer is aged in shochu (Japanese distilled alcohol) casks.

Look for beer bottles with a distinctive and cute-looking owl on the label and on the cap. In Hiroshima, you can get almost the whole range of Nest Beers at Jupiter Import Food Stores in Shareo (an underground shopping area) and at Hiroshima Station on the Shinkansen side.

Bottoms Up!

by Nate

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