What can you tell me about the beachfront facilities "Umi no Ie" running during the summer season?

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How to Ask for Beach Rentals in Japan

Japan is a great country in terms of public facilities. Transportation is easy and efficient and parks are well-maintained. Surprisingly though, beaches often lack facilities like public showers and changing rooms. Even if these are present, ther are usually overcrowded in the summer season when it feels like EVERYONE is at the beach. When beaches are very crowded, it becomes difficult to leave valuables on the beach, even though Japan is a pretty safe country.

The solution to this is the "umi no ie" which are seasonal beachfront facilities propped up only during the summer. In July and August, these facilities line the beach and provide a place to rest, safely leave belongings, rent beach equipment, use the bathroom, eat, and take showers. The charge to use one for a day is usually about 700~1000 yen per person. Food and renting equipment will be an extra fee. This does seem kind of expensive but it is worth it, especially since the sun is intense on the beach and parasol rentals are often sold out.

I definitely recommend using an umi no ie when you go to a beach in Japan!

by GenS

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