What can you tell me about Japanese flea markets?

Large parks in Tokyo

Many large parks in Tokyo such as Shinjuku Central Park, Yoyogi Park, Komazawa Olympic Park have regular flea markets throughout the year.

Japan has in some cases a binary culture in terms of used items. In general, and you will hear many Japanese and foreigners alike claim this, Japanese LOVE new things; cars, houses, appliances, everything that is new is better.

However on the other hand there are many who enjoy flea markets, and see it as an opportunity to do some unique shopping, as opposed to just going the cheap route. I personally only shop flea markets for the price, but in Japan it's a very nice family outing, even for those who might claim to be a "new" kind of person.

The schedule is here for some of these parks. It's in Japanese, but this page could easily be printed out and explained by a Japanese person, if you're interested in doing some flea market shopping during your time in Tokyo.

by KurtisW

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