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Everything about Trains between Yokohama and Tokyo

Born and raised in Yokohama, I know a lot about trains running between Yokohama and Tokyo. Here is a list of each of the trains with shorts explanations.

1. The Tokaido Line
The Tokaido line is the fastest way to get from Yokohama to Tokyo. Between Yokohama station and Shinagawa station, it only stops at one stop (Kawasaki) and is one of the most crowded trains in the morning. The Tokaido line begins at Tokyo and travels all the way down South and then West to the Izu Peninsula.

2. The Yokosuka Line
The Yokosuka line takes a more inland route to Tokyo in comparison to the Tokaido line and hence takes a little longer. Between Yokohama and Shinagawa, it stops at three stops (Shinkawasaki, Musashikosugi, Nishiooi). However, the Yokosuka line keeps going past Tokyo as the Sobu line and goes as far as Narita Airport in Chiba.

3. The Shonan Shinjuku Line
The Shonan Shinjuku line is a little confusing. The Shonan Shinjuku line "local" train runs along the same tracks as the Yokosuka line until Nishiooi, going towards Tokyo. Then it veers West and heads to Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro. The "rapid" runs along the same tracks as the Tokaido line until Yokohama, going towards Tokyo. Then it runs along the same tracks as the "local" Shonan Shinjuku line but skips more stops, making it a faster option. The SHonan SHinjuku line is the fastest way to get to Shibuya, Shunjuku, and Ikebukuro from Yokohama.

4. The Keihin Tohoku Line
The Keihin Tohoku Line is the fourth and final JR line between Yokohama and Tokyo. It takes much longer than the other two lines but stops at many more stops. It is convenient for people living between Tokyo and Yokohama but not at the major stops like Kawasaki.

1. The Keihin Kyuko Line
The Keihin Kyuko line is run by Keikyu and is another fast way to get to Tokyo. The Wing express that runs in the mornings and at night is actually faster than any of the JR lines with no stop between Yokohama and Shinagawa. Keikyu is also a convenient way to get to Haneda airport from Yokohama or Tokyo. The Keikyu line becomes the Tokyo Metro Asakusa line from Shinagawa station.

The Tokyu Toyoko Line
The Toyoko line runs from Yokohama to the more Western side of Tokyo. It is a convenient way to get to Shibuya from Yokohama. The Minatomirai line that it connects to from Yokohama also makes it a good option for a trip to the Yokohama Bay area.

by GenS

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