What can I do to learn more about the Kamakura period?

Go to Kamakura in Japan

Beautiful Japanese History in Kamakura, Japan

If you are interested in learning about the Kamakura period, there is nothing more you can do than to actually go to Kamakura. From Tokyo, Kamakura is less than an hour away towards Yokohama on the Yokosuka line. Just one train ride to the former capital of Japan. When you arrive, you will definitely see remnants of the age when it was the capital. When you climb up the steps of Tsuruoka Hachimangu and look down on the town, you will see patterns of geomancy. Geomancy is an old way of designing cities, like how rodes are laid out, and was used to structure cities in the past. The city of Nara also follows geomancy. When you look at Kamakura from Hachimangu, you will notice that the main street runs straight from its base, all the way down to the sea. There are then many rodes that run parallel and adjacent to the main street. In the main city area, though, you will not see any slanted or curvy streets. This is geomancy and this is Kamakura history.

Unfortunately, I do not know any museum focusing entirely on the Kamakura period in Kamakura. However, I do know that the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History in Kannai has an entire section dedicated to the Kamakura Period. The building of the museum itself is one of the oldest in Yokohama and a visit should not be missed. A good plan might be to stop at Kannai on the way to Kamakura to look at the museum and learn about the history before actually visiting where the history took place.

by GenS

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