What is a Yakatabune (lighted house boat)?

Watch Hanabi while cruising the Sumidagawa river in Tokyo, Japan. Perfect for Summer Fireworks and amazing memories.

A Yakatabune is a narrow and flat but long, Japanese-style boat used to hold arties. Yakatabune are popular, especially to hold business related parties. A company would hire one yakatabune and then employees would hold a party on the boat. These boats cruise leisurely on rivers, like the Sumidagawa, and in bays, like in Yokohama Bay.
Parties held on Yakatabune are fun because great food and drinks are usually served. I've only been on a Yakatabune once but I remember having a wonderful time eating Tempura.
The most popular time of year for Yakatabune, when you will notice bays and rivers lined with an armada of yakatabune, is when there is a Hanabi taikai (fireworks display). On a yakatabune, you are able to go closer to the launch points of the fireworks and observe the beautiful explosions from right underneath. From personal experience I assure you its fantastic! Its also great because you don't have to deal with the huge crowds of people who come to the shoreline to observe the fireworks.

If you are here when there is a hanabi display, consider boarding a yakatabune!

by GenS

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