Which one of Tokyo's Shitamachi (old town) districts do you recommend?

Shimokitazawa, Great Bars in Japan

Funky Japanese Bars to Enjoy a Drink

Shimokitazawa is my favorite "shitamachi" (downtown or local) area in Tokyo. It is only about 10 minutes on the Keio Inokashira line from Shibuya and is a popular hangout spot, especially among the youth. There are numerous chic and funky bars and restaurants in the area and has a nice ambience till late in the night. However, its not as lively as Roppongi or Shibuya and is a little out of the way, which is what makes the area a "shitamachi"area.
In Shimokitazawa, there is even a small hippy themed Hookah bar. The atmosphere of the whole town is unique from other parts of Tokyo and a short trip at night is highly recommended!

by GenS

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