Where are the best swimming pools in Tokyo?

Toshima Swimming Pool in Japan

Family-Friendly Swim Time in Japan

Living in Yokohama, I rarely go to swimming pools in Tokyo. However, I have ben to Toshima swimming pool once and having quite a fun time. Toshima pool is more than just an ordinary pool. It is a waterpark. Japanese people have a thing for swimming pools and so there are many pools here in Tokyo and quite a number of waterparks. Toshima waterpark is one of the best.

The waterpark is open only during the summer season, from mid-July to early September. During this season, the park is mostly packed with people. If you can, you should avoid weekends. Nevertheless, you should have a great time. The different types of water slides they have are exciting, especially the ones that you use rubber tubes on. I also remember that when I went, one of the pools was really really cold, perfect for a hot summer day. If you are interested in enjoying summer "local style", spend a day at Toshima pool!

by GenS

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