What store in Tokyo sells toys and other products for children?

Toys "R" Us in Japan isn't just any other Toys "R" US

Toys "R" Us is a children's toy store that can be found around the world. However, the Toys "R" Us store in Japan is different from any of the Toys "R" Us I have seen. Japanese toys nowadays are very high-tech. I used to love going to the arts and crafts section to get the toys that make badges, washi paper, stickers, etc. They also sell creative Japanese games, robots, nintendo DS and its casettes, etc. A Toys "R" Us in Japan is definitely a place you have to hit if you have young children!

Although the site is in Japanese, check out this website for more information on the toys offered at Toys "R" Us in Japan: http://www.toysrus.co.jp/

by RieS

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