Where can I find theatres in Tokyo?

Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas in Japan

Catch a Movie Flick in Japan

The Toho Cinemas movie theater at Roppongi Hills is my favourite in Tokyo. The cinema is fairly new (about ten years) and shows the most English films in the Tokyo area. In Japan, U.S. animation movies are often dubbed into Japanese and only shown in Japanese. Only a selected number of theaters, including Roppongi Hills, shows U.S. animation movies in English. Partly for this reason, the Roppongi Hills cinema is the most popular cinema in Tokyo among foreigners.

I like the cinema especially for its ambience. The design is very chic and along with the view of Roppongi Hills at night, its a very cool place to go watch a film. I am actually going tonight with my girlfriend to watch the new Miyazaki Hayao, Gibli movie!

If you want to watch a movie during your visit, try Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills!

by GenS

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