What can you tell me about the Japanese use of namecards?

Japanese Etiquette Of Exchanging Name Cards

Business Formal in Japan

In Japan, the exchange of name cards is much more than just exchanging contact information and is considered almost a ritual carrying great meaning. The way you exchange your card with somebody can greatly influence the impression they get of you. Exchanging cards the "proper" way will make the receiver of your card feel respected and give you an impression of knowing how to do business in Japan. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to exchange name cards "properly" in Japan.

1. Have your name card holder ready at all times.
2. If someone approaches you, take one out ASAP.
3. Face your card towards the receiver, holding the edge facing you with both hands (one hand on each corner).
4. Bow as you hand the card and courteously introduce your self.
5. Taking their card first is regarded an act of humility so that will give you extra good impression points.
6. Read the card you just received and converse.
7. Only put the card into your pocket or something when the conversation ends and you are out of sight of the person you just exchanged cards with.

Following these steps will definitely help you succeed doing business in Japan!

by GenS

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