What are some activities I can enjoy at beaches near Tokyo?

Beach Fireworks in Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful Fireworks in Japan

An AMAZING summer beach experience is watching the fireworks at Atami Sun Beach. If you are spending a day at one of the beautiful beaches in Izu, definitely stop by for the fireworks at Atami Sun Beach. During the summer, firework displays are held every sunday and the view of the fireworks that explode right over you, as you lie on the beach, lit up with coloured lights, is just spectacular. Since this happens every week and Atami is somewhat far from Tokyo (about two hours on the Tokaido line), the beach is not even that crowded! If this was in Yokohama or by the Sumidagawa river in Tokyo, you wouldn't be able to see the fireworks because of the crowd. The Atami Sun Beach fireworks are highly recommended. I promise you you won't regret spending the time to get down to Atami!

by GenS

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