What can you tell me about aquariums in and around Tokyo?

100 Penguins Play in Tokyo, Japan

Family-Friendly Aquarium and Park in Japan

Just a few stops before Maihama station (Disneyland) going from Tokyo, is Kasai Rinkai Park. The park is very large with a small amusement park and a famous aquarium. I have visited this aquarium about 3 times and it is wonderful. You can take a look at the kind of sea life in Tokyo Bay and there is also a section where you can touch some creatures like starfish. My favorite part of the aquarium is the penguin section. There are probably about 100 penguins in one enormous tank and watching them hop into the water and others flop on the land is amusing. The tank is also designed so that you can get an underwater look of them swimming. Happy feet fans should never miss Kasai Rinkai Aquarium!

by GenS

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