What can you tell me about traditional Japanese lodging facilities?

Japanese Traditional Bed and Breakfasts: Minshuku

A minshuku is a traditional Japanese bed and breakfast. Minshuku can be found all over Japan but are common especially in tourist spots. Unlike larger ryokan, which are more like traditional Japanese hotels with hot springs and other facilities, minshuku are usually run by the family and are small. However, staying at a minshuku will reduce your accommodation expenses significantly. I am actually looking into minshuku in the Izu Peninsula area for a trip and am finding prices starting at 4000 yen per person per night. That is pretty cheap considering the fact that I will be going in August which is the busiest time of year for the area. The key is to stay "sudomari". "Sudomari" means that no meals are included. Although you miss out on eating local delicacies, you can find these yourself in the area and "sudomari" will reduce the price significantly. Since minshuku is also a regular house with the family running it living in the same building, you will also get a taste of local Japanese lifestyle by staying there. If you are a little bit more adventurous and are interested in experiencing local and deeeeep Japan, consider staying at a Minshuku!

by GenS

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