Where are Tokyo's best spots to enjoy the changing colors of leaves in Autumn?

Enjoy the winding road of Nikko, Irohazaka. One of Japan's lovely roads in a perfect getaway outside of Tokyo.

Iroha-zaka in Nikko is very famous in Japan for beautiful views of changing colours in Autumn. It is the perfect Autumn drive. Iroha-zaka is a hill which takes about 30 minutes (1.5 hours in the autumn due to traffic) to drive up. Views are spectacular along the way and a beautiful lake awaits at the top. Nikko is about a 3 hour drive North from Tokyo and is also famous historically. A famous temple for Amaterasu, the sun god, is there, making it a popular tourist spot. If you are in Tokyo during Autumn, definitely consider renting a car and driving to Nikko!

by GenS

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