Which jogging routes in Tokyo do you recommend?

A breathtaking run to Minatomirai

As a person who lives in Yokohama, my favorite jogging route starts at Motomachi Station. Turn a right and run to the park that is right in front of the first crossroad. When you go up an incline, there is a Bridge below the highway that leads you to the Yokohama Doll Museum and Yamashita Park - a beautiful park right by the pier. Here, you can jog around the park while enjoying the nature and the breeze from the ocean. At the end of the park, there is another bridge right next to Lawson that leads you to the Red Brick Warehouse. While heading there, there is also another park that is called "Zounohana-kouen" or the Elephant's nose park. I then either head to Cosmo World, Rinkai Park (another huge and beautiful park where you can sit and relax) or Osambashi Pier. I recommend Osambashi pier because of it's beautiful scenery of Minatomirai. It is also a great place to hang out after a long run!

During the summer, I recommend this run at night. Summers in Japan can get hot and humid. At night, however, it is cooler and a perfect temperature for an enjoyable run. You'll also be able to enjoy the breathtaking night view of Yokohama and Minatomirai!

by RieS

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