Takarazuka is one of the unique concept musical in Japan

Takarazuka is the musical companies originally from Takarazuka,Hyogo prefecture.
The musical actresses are all woman and it was the first musical review show they introduced here in Japan early 1900's.

I think lots of girls wanted to dream about being a takarazuka star once in their life(at least me and my sister wanted to be!)

You can purchase on-line but unfurtunetly they only have a Japanese site.
I recommend if you would like to have an experience, just go to the theater
(It's 5min walk from Hibiya station) ,check the show schedule (almost everyday they have a show)then buy a ticket at the Takarazuka ticket office in the theater. It's like going musical in London or NY


Here is the information:
JR Hibiya Station (Hibiya exit) or Metoro Hibiya line( Hibiya Station exit A5)
5min walk from the station.Adress is: 1-1-3 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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