What is the "green car" on the train, and how do I ride it?

Recline and Relax on the Green Car in Japan

Luxury Seating in Japanese Railways

The Green Car facility is offered on selected JR lines including the Shinkansen and the Tokaido and Yokosuka lines in the Tokyo area. Although it requires an extra charge, it is not too expensive and is worth it if you do not want to deal with packed trains and want to relax during rush hours. I use the green car facility when I take the Yokosuka line from my home station, Hodogaya, to Narita Airport. Although it is an extra 1000 yen on holidays and 1200 yen on week days for distances over 50 km (under 50 is 750 on week days and 550 on holidays), I still save a lot of money by not riding the Narita Express. The Green Car on the Yokosuka line is just as comfortable and is only 30 minutes longer. I definitely recommend taking the green car during your stay in Japan, especially to transport to and from Narita airport.

Purchasing a green car ticket is simple. You can follow the English guidance on the ticket machine. First, you have to purchase a regular ticket to where ever you are going. Then you purchase the green car ticket for the same destination, on top of the regular ticket. An attendent will come by in the green car to collect your ticket. Don't forget to purchase your green car ticket beforehand because purchasing it inside the train is more expensive.

by GenS

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