Which resort in and around Tokyo do you recommend?

Tokyo area resorts

There are a very wide variety of resorts around Tokyo. Of course, the accessibility varies greatly, when even getting across Tokyo itself by public transportation can take well over an hour.

For the resort areas closest to Tokyo, most residents on the west side show a preference for Hakone, while those on the east side seem to prefer Nikko. Both are in a mountainous area withing a 90-minute train ride from Tokyo and have wonderful hot springs. Hakone, in particular, boasts beautiful views of Mt. Fuji from many locations, adding to its appeal.

However, I my favorite resort location near Tokyo is neither Hakone nor Nikko. It is the area near Lake Yamanaka, one of the famous 5 lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji. The area boasts not only some fine hot springs, but wonderful forests, hiking, watersports, and, for the adventurous, spelunking! These caves are really incredible wonders, too. They are made from the remains of lava plumes, shooting out during the eruptions of Mt. Fuji, an active volcano. For me, that is the best resort - a location filled with activities for recreation and adventure!

by mikekato

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