Where can I learn about Japanese pottery in Tokyo?

Starting Pottery in Tokyo


Tokyo, Library

There are many Japanese ceramics studios in Tokyo and throughout Japan that offer introductory courses for beginners. In fact, most professional studios offer some kind of courses for people to make their own works, either formally or informally. But the easiest places to find out how to get started are your ward office, community center, or local library.

Each of these locations have a community information center, where they have many brochures about community courses and clubs. In most areas there are at least one or more pottery groups. Many community centers themselves have some pottery classes/groups of their own. Of course, few of these places have kilns, so they usually have their work completed at a local guild or even a school.

Although it is relatively difficult to find a studio with the ability to provide support in English, most people find a way to communicate. Working with ceramics is something that people have been doing for thousands of years; it is relatively easy to get started. On the other hand, it is very difficult to become a skilled craftsperson.

One place in Tokyo - Kunitachi - where they welcome novices wanting to start pottery is Kunitachi Jiyu Kobo. There is no information in English on their website, but the studio is a wonderful place to get started. Their information, in Japanese, is here:

Have fun!

by mikekato

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