Where is a chic area you recommend in Tokyo?

Nakameguro, shops along the river

Nakameguro is a quiet yet fashionable and fun district just outside the more lively and inclusive Shibuya area. Nakameguro is well known for its fashion shops, and dainty restaurants that are perfect for dates, or casual upper class dining. There are of course less expensive and more chain store-type of options, but the gidden gems of this area are numerous.

In particular, the area along the river (the Meguro-gawa or Meguro river) retains a chic image by not having any chain-type stores. Only small, quaint, and unique or artistic cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, and salons line the riverside. And this is in fact one of the more popular areas during the spring flower blooming, so needless to say, it is quite beautiful all year round.

I recommend the small cafe called "Water" along the river, but just taking a walk there, you're sure to see numerous places you'll want to try.

by KurtisW

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