What kind of manners should I know when riding escalators and elevators?

Aways Stand to Left in Japan on the Escalatr

Japanese Etiquette

One basic manner you have to know on your trip to Japan is to always stand on the left side of escalators. Only stand on the right side if you are walking up. This is a rule that everyone follows and you will naturally follow it when you see people doing it. In escalators, there aren’t any rules in particular. However it is considered mannerly to keep quiet if there are other people. If it is a business occasion, though, it is an entirely different story. On an elevator, what you want to do is be the one who goes in first and pushes the buttons inside. In Japan, that is a sign of humility and it will be appealing to your Japanese business partners. You should also get off of the elevator last.

By the way, in Osaka, it is the opposite rule for escalators. People stand on the right and walk up on the left.

by GenS

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