How should I board a packed train during the morning rush?

Packed Train Boarding Tips in Japan

Surviving Rush Hour in Japan

Although a packed train in Japan seems like total chaos, there are a few rules that people follow to keep everyone safe and orderly. First of all, you need to line up properly on the platform before boarding. On the platform, there will be signs showing you how you should line up. Everyone follows these rules to ensure that the platform is in order and no one falls off or anything. When the train arrives, you will move forward in your line, and then to the sides of the door that arrives in front of the line. People getting on must first wait for passengers getting off the train to clear the doorway. Then you enter. Try to go as deep into the train as possible. You will notice that in a train there will be two rows of seats. There will then be two rows people standing parallel to the seats. Finally one row in between these two rows. The best option is to find a seat. Standing in front of a seat is good and being in between is ok. The worst is being trapped in between the doors. That is the area with the most movement and the most squeezing.
Now that you know the best places to stand in a packed train, all you have to do is follow the other basic manners such as to avoid stepping on people or eating. You should now be ready for a Japanese packed train!

by GenS

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