What kind of manners should I know when riding the train?

Japanese Etiquette and Queue Lines

Why do Japanese People Love Lining Up So Much?

Although it isn’t like someone will yell at you if you don’t follow them, there are certain rules that people follow in general on train. First of all, people rarely make phone calls on trains. If it is an emergency, you should stand up from your seat and go near the door where there are less people. As long as you are not talking, phone use is ok. Not in the priority seating area though! Eating and drinking on the train is also something people don't do. The manners are pretty universal. Other ones include, don’t make too much noise. One that is unique might be a rule about how to line up on the platform while waiting for a train. There are signs on platforms, which show you how to line up and people follow these to maintain order. When a train arrives, people move to the sides of the door to let passengers off first. Then you get to enter. As long as you have these simple rules in mind, you will be fine riding a train in Japan!

by GenS

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