What is the appeal of the Comiket Convention?

Comic Market, The Largest Manga Event in Japan

Get Ready to Cosplay in Japan

Comiket, or Comic Market, is Japan’s largest manga related event. It is held once a year in August. To truly understand the appeal, I think you must have a strong passion for Japanese manga culture. What you can find at Comiket are manga related products that are made independently by “circles” or manga groups. These manga fans make their own products and sell them at Comiket. So at Comiket, you will be able to purchase different products, such as a key chain of your favorite manga character, that you can only find there. On top of the shopping, the whole atmosphere is exciting. Many people are posing in costumes and it is one of the best ways to experience Japan’s manga culture. If you happen to be in Japan in August, take a trip to Comiket.

by GenS

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