What manners should I follow while staying at a Japanese bed and breakfast?

Find Out Why Family-Run Hotels are So Comfortable in Japan!

Sleep, Eat, and Wake Up Like a True Japanese

There aren't any strict manners that you wouldn't have to follow at a regular hotel but do at a Japanese bed and breakfast or minshuku. However, the unique aspects of a minshuku create some space for extra things you could be mindful about. First of all, minshuku are almost always family run. They are usually smaller and can sometimes have few staff. So one thing you would't expect from a minshuku is to give you a new room because your fridge is broken or anything like room service, a pool, or a gym. Since toilets and baths are also usually shared with other customers, you want to be extra mindful. A minshuku is often just a regular house and so there won't be much done to limit the amount of sound that leaves your room. It would be a mannerly to keep the noise down at night for other customer. Don't worry too much though. These are not rules, only tips. If you follow them, you will probably leave a very positive impression!

by GenS

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