What is an economic way to use trains in Tokyo?

Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk

Train Lovers, Scenic Appreciators Take the Seishun

The seishun 18 ticket is a very cheap way to travel long distance on trains in Japan. The ticket is sold in sets of five and one set costs 11,300yen. The amazing thing is that one ticket will allow you to travel on any JR local train in Japan as many times as you want with in 24 hours. This is amazing because JR trains run all over Japan and so you can travel very far using this ticket. The only problem is that since you can only ride local trains, travel will take much longer than taking the Shinkansen and can be tiring. However trains in the countryside are never crowded so you can just take a pillow and sleep. It is also a great way to see different parts of Japan as you travel to your destination.

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Keep in mind that the ticket is only sold during vacation season and is not available all year round.

by GenS

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