Can you recommend a department store in Tokyo?

Shopping in Sogo!

My favorite department store is Sogo, which can be found near major stations and city areas. I go to Sogo for different errands. The second floor of the basement (B2) is a great place to buy food on the go, go grocery shopping and purchase Japanese sweets and cakes as souvenirs for your family. I love to go to "Toraya" at the entrance of Sogo, to buy their traditional sweet "youkan."

I also go to "Loft" and "Muji" on the seventh floor to buy anything from stationery to organizers. I recommend you to go to Loft if you are looking for the coolest, newest and best stationery (Japan has the best stationery quality) for school, your schedule book, scrapbook, etc. They also have objects for your room, such as furniture, pillows, massage chairs, etc., and everyday items, such as bags, cooking utensils, etc. Muji is another one of my favorite stores, because it has simple and cheap things for your room and everyday objects. I purchase containers in order to organize my desk! If you need anything of medium to high quality, make sure to check these two stores out!

Lastly, I also go to Sogo for their restaurants that have delicious food and great service. If you feel like eating quality Chinese food, I recommend going to Ginza Aster.

Sogo also has various stores (brand and no-brand) related to fashion from men and women's clothes to accessories to bags. There is also a museum and stores for children! I suggest you to explore this department store and see what it offers!

by RieS

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