Where is a popular shopping spot in Tokyo's Ginza area?

The World's Largest Uniqlo Store in Japan

Big Department Stores in Japan and Great Sales

The world's largest Uniqlo (Japan's largest and most popular clothing brand) store opened recently in Ginza on the main shopping street. I happened to pass by the other day and could not stop myself from stepping in, stupefied by the sheer size. The store has 12 floors and sells pretty much every piece of Uniqlo clothing out there. Since one of Uniqlo's policies is to sell high quality and reasonable clothing, the stores tend to be smaller and slightly congested. The Ginza Uniqlo, though, is a completely different story. You would think that shopping in a store with 12 floors would be a huge hassle but its not. There are multiple elevators that takes you up and down the floor swiftly (one only stops at 3 floors to provide quicker transport) and the store is very spacious. Surprisingly, prices are cheaper than at other uniqlo stores, even though you are in Ginza, probably the classiest shopping area in Japan. When you are there, I highly recommend you purchase a heat tech undershirt. The special Uniqlo fabric used will keep you much warmer in the winter. Don't miss this great place to shop for high quality but reasonable Japanese clothing!

by GenS

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