What can you tell me about using cable cars?

Best View in Japan: Angled Cliffs, Mount Fuji, Buddhist Temples

Family Friendly Hikes in Japan

Cable cars are often available to provide tourists with quick and scenic access to mountain summits in Japan. One that I recently used was the cable car which takes you to the summit of Nokogiri-yama mountain in Chiba prefecture. The ride was very scenic and is highly recommended. The mountain also has a very interesting history. It used to be a mining site for rocks and so the landscape is unique. There are sudden right angled cliffs, which are remains of using dynamite to mine rocks. These cliffs make for great look out sites. The mountain is right by the shoreline and so the views of the pacific ocean and Mount Fuji are spectacular. There are also two gigantic stone Buddha statues and the Kanto region's oldest Buddist temple, built in 725AD. Getting from the summit to the look outs and statues require short hikes which will give you good exercise. If you are interested in cable cars and nice views, consider visiting Nokogiri-yama!

by GenS

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