How can I experience a Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo?

Majestic Japanese Garden and Tea House in the Middle of Tokyo

Experience the Shogun Lifestyle

Although you will not be able to participate in a formal Japanese tea ceremony at Hamarikyu garden, you will be able to relax in a Japanese style gazebo, in the middle of a historical garden where the Shogun used to indulge in his falconry hobby, with a freshly made cup of Japanese tea in your hands. The tea served is the special "maccha" tea, which is the tea used in tea ceremonies. It is prepared in front of you and you also get a piece of "wagashi" (Japanese sweets). You can't actually "experience" the ceremony at Hamarikyu in the sense that you make your own tea but I think the historical Japanese garden experience makes up for it. Entrence to the garden is only about 250 yen and exploring it is relaxing and soothing. The views of the Japanese gazebos lying on serene lakes, connected to land with traditional style bridges is simply spectacular. I recommend stopping by Hamarikyu after spending some time in the Asakusa/Sky Tree area since there is a nice ferry from Asakusa that takes you along the Sumida river right into Hamarikyu.

by GenS

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