How do I spend winter Japanese style?

Make Mochi! A Fun New Years Family Event in Japan

The Art of Mochi Tsuki

In my opinion, there is nothing better to do in Japan during winter than participate in "mochi-tsuki" and eat fresh and delicious mochi. Mochi-tsuki is a Japanese New Year's tradition and events will be held around the first of January. Usually "Mochi-tsuki" is hosted by the neighbourhood community and are held at a temple or shrine. You should be able to find a "mochi-tsuki" event held nearby through a quick google search in late December or early January. The mochi that is made is mixed with different powders and sauces to have a variety of tastes. Participating in a "mochi-tsuki" event during the winter will definitely be a very "Japanese" way to spend your time here and will also be a great memory.

by GenS

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